Do you have Moxie? Moxiest Work Woman 2017

moxie-ww-logoMoxie: force of character, determination, or nerve. The ability to face fear with spirit and courage.

When I started my YouTube journey I was simply looking for a way to share my projects & get a little out of my comfort zone. One year later my channel has become a corner of empowerment driving me to new levels of creativity & proving I truly can do anything I put my mind to.

Whether a project is a simple DIY like a Fall inspired wreath or a build bigger than me like my DIY California King bed-frame, I have discovered my inner moxie. I take every project one step at a time & have experienced internal/external doubt. But my stubborn self presses on & this is exactly what I want for others.

When I came across Moxie Trades I was so excited to find a brand that stood for everything I wanted to project to my viewers. Founded in 2006, Moxie Trades empowers women everywhere with their unique line of safety footwear & more.

I’m happy to share that Moxie Trades is looking for this year’s Moxiest work woman! You can enter to win so many great prizes or even nominate someone you feel is the Moxiest Work Woman.

screenshot-2016-10-11-19-16-48Three ways to enter:

You can enter through the Moxie Trades Facebook page, by making a YouTube video & emailing the link to, or by emailing a photo to

To find out more about this year’s contest & how to enter, visit Moxie Trades.

The Nomination Deadline is December 9, 2016 & the winner will be announced December 16, 2016.

I can’t wait to for December 16th & remember, no project is too small or too big to have moxie!



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