New blog?!

Image by @ThePlannerJunkie

I’ve tried blogging before but it never really took off & I often felt like I added more to my to-do list than I intended to. So…I’m going to try this again & use this space to give you any extra info you made need for a DIY featured on my YouTube channel.

This weekend I’ll begin the process of transferring over the helpful info that can be missed in the description boxes of my videos. My intention is to provide a better idea of how I get projects done so it’s ultimately easier for you.

Stick around & new posts will be headed your way soon!



3 thoughts on “New blog?!

  1. Yay! I’m glad you are gonna give blogging another try. I totally get the to do list. Mine is quite long. I think blogging helps me get them done. I am always adding to the list and sometimes it gets overwhelming. What’s on the list are things that do need doing. I try my best to get things done. One thing at a time! You’ve got this! Happy new year! All the best, Koko:)


      1. Don’t beat yourself up. Blog when you can. It’s supposed to be fun not a chore, so enjoy the ride! We all know about real life! Again, enjoy! We will be rooting for you! 🙂


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